Cutting Edge Tools For Ice Sculpting
Build Your Arsenal
Steve Brice is a 16 time World Champion Ice Sculptor, and a National Ice Carving Association, Certified Master Ice Carver. He began his career in ice sculpting in 1990 when Ice Carving tools were few and traditional. He began experimenting with handmade tools, taught himself to machine, and since that time has invented, and modified over 400 different tools for the Ice Sculpting craft. Distribution of some of Steve's main stream inventions have been, up until now, through 2 other ice carving equipment distributors. This online store enables us to pass the savings on to you, the sculptor, Direct from the Artist/Inventor. Plus introduce a large variety of tools that would otherwise be unavailable to the general public. We are selling only tools and bits that we are proud of producing or introducing. The bits and tools range from extremely fast for aggressive applications, to extremely slow for a high level of refinement. is an affiliate of Brice & Brice Ice Sculptures. Please visit our sculpture page to see what these tools helped us create.
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