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Beast Bit with Competition modified Die Grinder and Custom Shaft



The beast bit is a 9.75" by 1" wide to .8" wide. Handmade Stainless Steel Cutter, that when mounted on a 800 Makita die grinder with a Brice Custom Shaft will go through 10.5" of ice. With new technology we can make this bit extra smooth which will make it easier on the die grinders bearings and on your arms. This also allows us to keep the price low because there are no more rejects that have to be discarded. This bit is sold with a winterized 800 Makita die grinder with a custom shaft as a complete Set - Grinder, Custom Shaft with after market bearing, and Beast Bit. Included in the Winterization is a toggle switch which is a safety feature allowing the user a firm wide two handed grip, even when turning the tool on and off.