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601 Medium Makita Die Grinder with Brice Quick Change Shaft



The new Quick Change 3/8" End-mill Holder Shaft for the Makita 601 die grinder is designed to be the smoothest and most affordable way for carvers to have quick change ability along with the safety of using mid-sized bits that have 3/8" shanks instead of 1/4". The shaft is hardened stainless steel instead of tool steel so that ice carvers can enjoy it as well as wood carvers. The Stainless steel is not as durable as the tool steel used in the custom threaded shafts but with the smaller sized of bits being used in this die grinder it is worth the trade off. The widest part is .750" to keep it affordable, this means a smaller set screw and the need to carry extra set screws verses a more expensive hand made shaft that is fatter and not as smooth. Kit includes grinder, shaft, extra set screw and allen wrench.

We have 3/8" sleeves for converting your 1/4" bits to streamline your entire bit arsenal.