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European/Pro Deluxe Kit



European Deluxe Kit - Includes large neck with threaded shaft, Medium neck with quick change shaft and allen wrench, Bubble Bit kit 5 sizes bubble bits(dollar, 1/2 dollar, quarter, nickle, rivet), roscoe bit, end mill, face bit pointed QC, face bit QC, butter bit quick change, face burr, face burr pointed, face burr skinny, 1" silver ball burr, silver taper burr, Heather bit, Bullet bit, Shaper Burr 140 grit, and the Cutout bit.

Deluxe Die Grinder Kit, with Handmade Cutter Bits, Shaper Bits and detail Bits. Tools to create fabulous carvings, and centerpieces. The Makita Die Grinder necks come with our custom shafts installed. These necks replace the necks on the European 220 models of Makita Die Grinders and the 110 American models, with 4 phillips head screws. We offer a trade in refund if you send us the original necks of $25.00 each. Aggressive Bits thread onto the threaded shaft, medium and smaller bits are 3/8" quick change for ease of switching out tools. We also make 3/8" sleeves to convert your 1/4" bits to this quick change system.

* You will need to purchase the grinders separately we do not offer the 220 v currently. * other recommended tools for start ups - Stihl chain saw, nail board, hand nail board, 12 x 12 aluminum sheet, markers, pistol grip sander, all available through 800-871-0739.