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800 Makita Large DieGrinder with Custom Shaft- Winterized



This is a stock Makita 800 die grinder that has an original custom 3/8" fine thread shaft. The shaft is made to the highest tolerences out of the most expensive shaft steel available, with several times the wear strength of hardend stainless steel. Winterized for competitions, toggle switch added, grip coating, variable speed locked. For use with Thread on Bits.

The shaft comes with a stock bearing which is what I use. For 20$ more you can have an aftermarket bearing plus the stock bearing as a back up. For 50$ more you can have the top of the line bearing plus the stock bearing as a back up. If you run bits that buzz it won't matter how good your bearing is, eventually the bearing will wear out. Our Bits will not buzz. We will only be selling the winterized version of this die grinder because the alterations are a night and day difference in safety, ease of use, production, and enjoyment.