Cutting Edge Tools For Ice Sculpting
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Ice Carving is an inherently dangerous activity. 

Please follow directions below and manufacturer warnings to avoid injury to yourself and others, or damage to the tools.

Keep a light film of grease on the threaded shaft to keep the shaft free of rust and to allow bits to go on and off with ease.

With Threaded Bits, Do not over tighten or under tighten. Using a wrench for the shaft and a wrench for the bit apply just a little more pressure to tighten the bit than you would with just using your hand to tighten the bit. Over tightening could damage both the shaft and the bit.

All of our screw on threaded bits require the use of the custom 3/8" threaded shaft for either the 600 or 800 series die grinders.  Use of the less expensive 3/8" threaded adapters that fit stock shafts could result in injury or damage to tool or bit. Use of these adapters is highly discouraged and will eliminate any responsibility on our part for damage or injury.

Always use 2 hands when operating these tools.

Always assume that the die grinder is turned on when plugging it in. 

NEVER make cuts where the bit could hit you in the face when exiting the ice or potentially bouncing on the ice.

Protect the cutting edges from rubbing against other objects and tools. Place a protective cover on the bit when not in use.

If any tool seems to misbehave such as not cutting smoothly, or vibrating excessively, please use caution and discontinue use immediately.

 Our tools are hand tested individually for premium quality. If you are not satisfied with your purchase, return undamaged for a full refund. 

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Have fun expanding your Ice Sculpting Arsenal !


Steve and Heather Brice